Una caña por favor!!

In Spain we do not only have great meals with a splendid gastronomy, but also enjoy good drinks. It is usual to hear the melody: una caña, otra caña, otra…while having a drink with friends at the evening.


Spanish Beers
Although Spain is above all famous for its wonderful wines, Spanish beer, called cerveza, enjoys a very good reputation as well. Beer is produce almost in every region of Spain, most famous brands are: (in the north) Estrella Galicia, Mahou, Moritz, and (in the south) Cruzcampo, Alhambra, San Miguel and Águila. Best way to have beer is to order a ‘caña’ with a ‘tapa’.

Kalimoxo comes from the Basque Country, but now is available everywhere in Spain. It is a mixture of red wine and Coca-Cola, which makes it extremely popular especially among the young. This Spanish equivalent of internationally known cocktail: vodka and Red Bull, is mostly drunk at rock concerts and in the nightclubs. It is also called Rioja libre, kali or motxo. Calimocho is a variant of this drink with a dash of blackberry liqueur. It can be also made from white wine and lemonade, then it is called spritzer, or red wine with orange soda, known as pitilin gorri, from gorri meaning ‘red’.

Spanish wines are among the best wines in the word. There’s a huge winery tradition, and most parts of the country produce awarded wines. As it is a major and extense subject you can have more information here.

Licorcafe and chupitos
After a huge strong lunch, it is very usual to order ‘chupito’. In some restaurants they will offer it for free. Chupito is a spirit served in a little cold glass. There are many typer of liquor, however, most popular ones are ‘hierbas’ (weeds), orujo, and licorcafé (coffee) in Galicia.


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